Global Foods Brands

From the deepest waters from all the oceans around the world, Global Ocean represents several seafood subcategories including, fish steaks and portions including Tuna, Salmon, Grouper, Mahi, Snapper, Chilean Sea Bass, Halibut, Flounder and more. Also a diverse line of shrimps raw and valued added peeled and deveined both black Tigers as well as Vanamei Whites, lobsters and crab.
This is Global’s premium value selections for any and all special occasions. The art of aromas and flavors that liven all dishes and trigger the most pleasant sensations include a variety of tasty peppers, choice vegetables, superior oils, seasonings, capers and more.
The finest and most captivating selections from the sunny lands of the Mediterranean, this line of products seeks to seduce the senses with their exotic offerings. These goods include olives, oils, spices, crushed and sun-dried tomatoes and other traditional tastes reflecting the diverse cultures of this region.
Italy is recognized for being the country with the best food worldwide, and Global Food’s La Promessa is your connection to the best and tastiest products that will bring to any table the flavors captured from the heart of Italy. This signature brand brings to the kitchen the authentic Italian essences of the finest tomato puree, olive oils, vinegars and sauces of the highest quality.
This is the choice when it comes to freshness. Our Choice products offer exceptionally fresh products that bring life to all tables, including fruits to compliment any dish with the sweetest tastes such as peaches, pear halves, fruit cocktail and more.
Global Chef is our line of high-end products designed exclusively for chefs. With countless gastronomic options that will stimulate the most elusive palates. This line of products includes oils, vinegars, sauces beans, vegetables, spices, juices, and nuts.
A total success story of high-quality squid products including tubes only, tubes & tentacles, and rings of all sizes, 3-5, 5-8, U10 on both Todarodes and Loligo species. Also octopus from Spain/Portugal to Philippines and Mexico.